Background to John Brady Art

John Brady is a highly reputable, talented, skilled and experienced Irish artist living in Dublin. Courtesy of his diverse background, over the years he has been able to create art works of immense quality and standard for several businesses and individuals. His works are quite large pieces and he gets his inspiration from botanical gardens or landscapes when holidaying in Ireland. This has enabled him produce quality pieces of art that have added a lot of beauty to wherever they are placed and used.

John Brady creates and produces original art that is a made up of a fascinating and wide collection of drawings, paintings, photographs which provide people with a wide range of options and choices as there is always a piece that will appeal to them. 

As an original artist based in Glasnevin, Dublin, John over the years has worked with a lot of passion and determination to ensure that his mission of producing a great and large art collection is possible so that whatever interest you have including your style of decoration and inspiration, you are sure to get a piece from his Irish landscape  collection that will blow you away and meet all your requirements and expectations. Basically, John’s artwork collection consists of original art in oils and acrylic, creative wall art, large wall pieces, with vibrant and lovely colors that will and go nicely with most environment including homes and offices.

John never started out as an artist as his first contribution to the world of art was as a graphic designer which was several years ago.  During the early days of computers and having a lot of interest in Apple/Mac technology during that period, John was able to produce and deliver creative works from jobs that came his way and marketed them to local businesses and also did corporate identity branding and logo designs for individuals and businesses.

Though you may be a lover of art, you may not know what type of art is good for you as well as your space such as your home and office and may not even know where to hang or place them, therefore you may require some level of assistance or guidance to make such decisions and choices. This you will get when you look through John Brady’s website as he has created a website that shows photographs of his art displayed on different backgrounds. 

Dublin Artist paintings for sale

Paintings for Sale

John’s works are so uplifting and fulfilling that when people purchase the paintings they do not buy them to combine or match the decorations in their homes, offices or other surroundings but they are bought to be the main direction as every decoration done within that particular residence is centered around the paintings bought. We see situations where rooms are decorated based on the artwork bought as these paintings are quite lively and become the theme for the whole residence and help make wherever they are placed look very beautiful and lovely.

With such talent and skill used to produce these brilliant artworks, most people will imagine and believe that these paintings will cost a lot but this not the case or reality as John Brady’s Art has affordable Irish art throughout his collection. Most artwork that are of top quality and are done by top highly talented artists usually cost a lot of money as can be seen by how much people buy these pieces but this is not the case with John’s artwork as he believes art is dynamic and personal to people who acknowledge and appreciate good artwork and will love them to experience it hence the affordable rate of his pieces.