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Dublin Contemporary Artist

This site is a result of many years of experimental and contemporary painting. I have turned a past time into a passion and have combined all my enthusiasm and creativity to bring you a collection of colourful and imaginative works that combine Irish Landacape Art and Irish Abstract Art. Art can move you – it can be very powerful and a very enriching experience. I try to capture that spirit in my use of colour and  artistic expression.

I see my work as being suitable for any location or facility, be it a home for the collector or enthusiast or for the corportate market, where it will brighten up any boardroom or meeting area. So have a look at my site and if there is any piece that “Wow”s you then call me on 086 258 6217 or email:

Most of my landscape work is done with a pallet knife although I must have 100 brushes and tools of all shapes and sizes. Oils are particularly beautiful to work with and I find myself drawn to the deep reds and blues. I also work with acrylic paints as they add additional colour dimensions to a piece, because their colour is more vibrant and distinctive.

Dublin Abstract Artist

However visually I find that with the abstract pieces you never tire looking at them. They are not a permanent replication of a visual scene but an interpretative visual of a landscape or seascape that never ceases to change, as each time you look you discover additional elements within the layers of colour and shapes.

The ultimate aim is to create a unique piece that should be an experience that touches you inside. You don’t have to think about it, you just know when you see it that it is for you.