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Dublin Contemporary Artist

John Brady is a highly reputable, talented, skilled and experienced Irish artist based in Glasnevin, Dublin. Courtesy of his diverse background over the years he has created an affordable collection of art works of immense quality and standard suitable for both businesses and individual homes.

Landscapes feature strongly in John’s collection and John says his inspiration comes from the beautiful National Botanical Gardens in Dublin and from various landscapes he comes across when holidaying in Ireland.
John creates and produces original art that made up of a fascinating and wide collection of drawings, paintings, photographs which provide people with a wide range of options and choices. 

Past customers of John Brady’s artwork have commented that their chosen art pieces have provided them a substantial measure of peace, wellness and calmness.
John says his major objective when approaching each painting is to create a unique piece that will touch people on the inside and he sums it up nicely when he says “I feel dramatic colour can lift your mood, energize your mind and stimulate your senses; this is what I try to achieve.”

The Art of John Brady – Irish Abstract Artist
For anyone wondering about what sort of art to buy for their home or workplace or for guidance on where to hang an art piece once purchased, Dublin-born artist John Brady has created a website that might be entitled, “ For the Power of Art.” The site shows photographs of his art displayed by category.

John Brady’s works are vivacious and energizing and very often clients have reported that instead of purchasing the painting to match their décor– the paintings are the décor with rooms being decorated and centered around the artwork.
Some paintings are dynamic enough to set the theme for an entire residence.
John’s website that shows photographs of his art displayed on different backgrounds. Though you may be a lover of art, you may not know what type of art is good for your space – your home or office – and may be unsure of where or how to hang or place art pieces, therefore you may require some level of assistance or guidance when making these decisions and choices.

Irish Landscapes and Abstract Visuals
Vibrant landscapes, vivid florals, brilliant abstract studies of nature– “all with such dynamic movement, they’re about to explode off the canvas” are predominant in John’s collection

“ When I finish and am personally satisfied with a piece,” says John, “ I am confident that it will brighten the most mundane wall.” As he explains, “I feel dramatic colour can lift your senses and energize your mind, bring positivity to your mindset and stimulate the senses – this is what I get from painting and what I try to get across through my work.”

“My ultimate aim is to create colourful, energetic and peaceful paintings that will you never tire looking at and which will add value to your home”
In the true spirit of the disciplined Italian masters Caravaggio, Raphael, Michelangelo and daVinci; and the freedom of expression of the Impressionists Monet, Constable and Van Gogh– who have all hugely influenced John, few artists have the ability to excite the senses to this extent with just the power of the paint and brush.  John Brady aspires through his art to excite the senses.
You can visit Johns website at

Dublin Contemporary Artist
John says…
“This site is a result of many years of experimental and contemporary painting. I have turned a past time into a passion and have combined all my enthusiasm and creativity to bring you a collection of colourful and imaginative works that combine Irish Landacape Art and Irish Abstract Art. Art can move you – it can be very powerful and a very enriching experience. I try to capture that spirit in my use of colour and  artistic expression.

I see my work as being suitable for many locations whether in a private residence or a corporate venue where it can brighten up a boardroom or a meeting area.
Most of my landscape work is done with a pallet knife although I use brushes and tools of all shapes and sizes. Oils are particularly beautiful to work with and I find myself drawn to the deep reds and blues. I also work with acrylic paints as they add additional colour dimensions to a piece, because their colour is more vibrant and distinctive.

Visually I find personally that with the abstract pieces you never tire looking at them. They are not a permanent replication of a visual scene but an interpretative visual of a landscape or seascape that never ceases to change; each time you look you discover additional elements within the layers of colour and shapes.
The ultimate aim is to create a unique piece that should be an experience that touches you inside. You don’t have to think about it, you just know when you see it that it is for you.

Please take a look at my site and if there is a piece that interests you or that you would personally like to view, call me on 086 258 6217 or email:”