Dublin Abstract Artist

Another great aspect of John Brady’s artwork is that apart from offering some sort of inspiration to people, it provides them a substantial measure of peace, wellness and personal peaceful environment. This is quite possible and feasible largely due to the relaxing and calming effects his pieces have on people through their vibrant colours and details that make people feel comfortable and at ease with a clear mind when looking at one of his paintings or through his portfolio and website.

John says his major objective is to create a unique piece that will touch people on the inside and sums it up nicely when he says “I feel dramatic colour can lift your senses and energize your mind, and stimulating the senses is what I try to achieve.”

Dublin Abstract Artist

The Art of John Brady - Irish Abstract Artist

For anyone lacking the imagination to know what kind of art to buy, or where to hang it once you’ve bought it, Dublin-born artist John Brady has created a website that might be entitled, “ For the Powwer of Art.” The site shows photographs of his art displayed by category. 

John Brady’s works are so predominant and energizing that instead of people buying them as paintings to match their décor– the paintings are the décor! And rooms are decorated and centered around the artwork. In fact, some paintings are dynamic enough to set the theme for an entire residence. Many of his works appear to divide the canvas diagonally one section in contrasting opposition to the other. Ethereally, his paintings have the essence of the yin and the yang, the spiritual versus the material. Symbolically, one section plays against the other as if they were the tectonic plates of the earth’s crust advancing towards each other, volatile with the potential of massive amounts of energy.  It is this maneuver of spatial energies and colour that give his art the power.

Irish Landscapes and Abstract Visuals

Vibrant landscapes, vivid florals, brilliant abstract studies of nature– all with such dynamic movement, they’re about to explode off the canvas. “ When I finish a piece,” says John, “ I know that it will brighten the most mundane wall.” He is a deeply spiritual being and seeks to enlighten people with his art. As he explains, “ I feel dramatic colour can lift your senses and energize your mind, and stimulating the senses is what I try to achieve.”

In the true spirit of the disciplined Italian masters Caravaggio, Raphael, Michelangelo and daVinci; and the freedom of expression of the Impressionists Monet, Constable and Van Gogh– who were all “teachers” of this fine student– very few artists have the ability to excite the senses to this extent with just the power of the paint and brush.  John Brady is one of them.

You can visit Johns website at www.johnbradyart.ie


My ultimate aim is to create colourful, energetic or peaceful painting that will not get tired looking at and make you feel better about yourself.